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Duende Soul Revival Experience
The Duende Soul Revival Experience
Has it ever occurred to you that you can run your business without selling out or having to sacrifice yourself or anything else in your life? 

I used to think running a business and being a mum had to be hard work because to take the easy route was cheating! That is why I used to work 18-hour days and was always busy.

I don’t know if you can relate, but for me running my business felt like I was going uphill with the breaks on. It all felt so bloody hard and all I wanted to was to just curl up, get under the sheets and disappear! I was so exhausted and every morning I would wake up with less energy than the day before.

Until I came across the principles behind Effortless Living.

It was as result of these principles that:

  • I went from working 18-hour days to working 4 days a week and choosing the hours I worked.
  • I got pregnant after years of trying.
  • I changed the model of work so that it supports my lifestyle and not the other way around.
  • I went from sinking 70k into a business that wasn’t going anywhere to making that back in 6 months.
  • I was able to get over my recent divorce in 8 weeks and start dating again. 
  • I left the cold and wet of the UK and went to live in Bali and now Spain to run retreats for women.
  • I now have more energy that I don’t know what to do with!  

The struggle that I was in has disappeared and instead (just like my clients) it's been replaced with SPACE, STILLNESS and PEACE.

As my quality of life has improved beyond my wildest dreams it dawned on me that I wanted to share these very principles with you.

After all, why struggle when we don’t need to, right?

Why make life and business difficult when we don’t need to, right?

So over the past year I have been hesitating and overthinking a new way in which I want to work, which is to invite you to my home in Spain to spend 4 days together experiencing the magic of stillness and wisdom.

Of course I had all the voices show up to tell me ...

No one will want to come .

It's in Spain! Who will want to get on a plane and travel all that way?!

You need to keep going back to the UK and do what you do best which is live workshops and group work as it's easier for people to get to!

So much noise!!! Am sure you can relate, right?
For a long time I have wanted to bring my work to Spain and do something intimate, life changing and that would fit around the lifestyle I now want to have which is :

  • To work 9 months out of the year (with a few breaks in between!) and then have the summer off so I can spend it with my son and be present to him.
  • To host you here in the beautiful space that I live in for a select few of you that want to come.
  • To share my insights around effortless living in a intimate, sacred and beautiful setting .

ONLY FOR 6 at a time for now.

I realized last year that what I love to do and what I am best at is LIVE group settings. 

My clients get so much out of my workshops and being LIVE with me that I suddenly saw that I had been denying them the opportunity to be able to do that as I had stopped doing live events in the UK!

Here is a selection of testimonials from the Duende Soul Revital Experience:
ANYWAY So here we have it, Marina finally listening to the whispers and saying yes! (We are all works in progress I guess?!) 

So if this experience resonates and says yes to you or it says yes but the voices inside your head are saying:

But I just don't have the time!
Yes you do as you can make it a priority 

It's an indulgence!
Yes and?!! Aren't you worth it!?

How will I know it will work?
I don't but here is what I can say - ask any of my women who have been in my workshops and they can share their experiences with you.

I have tried so many things and it hasn't worked.
It's time for a change!

I don't know marina or her work so what kind of guarantee can she give me?
Well let's get to know one another and I will share what it can give you.

The flights to Alicante are expensive
They are actually super cheap!!! I have had a return ticket from here for as little as 50 quid?!! - cheaper than a train ticket from Scotland in the uk!

I cannot make the dates
Don't worry I am running 8 of these from sept until may - 1 a month.
I just don't have the funds 
Well let's talk about what that means and look at the payment plans I have!

What will I get from the Duende Soul Revival Experience?
It’s an opportunity for you to :

- STOP, LISTEN and TRUST your intuition, which is actually at the heart of effortless living.
- Create the space inside of yourself to breathe and ditch the hidden hamster wheel that you are fed up of being on as a business owner.
- Bathe yourself in the stillness and paeace that exists within you to experience the magic that life has to really offer.
- Drop old and un-useful conditioning so that you can feel renewed and experience your business and life with ease.
- Experience a deep connection with yourself.
- Travel to one of the most beautiful parts of Spain that offers, incredible walks and beautiful private sandy beaches

Is the Duende Soul Revival Experience for me?
It's defo for you if you :
- Know you are working way too hard and need to get off the hidden hamster wheel.
- Are committed to yourself and are ready to say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm.
- Have already spent time and resources on your development before (this isn’t mandatory) but useful.
- Are a woman or a mum who dreams of a better of quality of life.
- Are curious about what’s possible for you and this immersion speaks to you.
- Are tired of not feeling that you are enough and know that you really are deserving of ease and space in your life.
This immersion is probably not for you if you :
- Don’t see the point in taking time out for yourself
- If you NEVER get stressed or have overwhelm
- Make the “I cannot afford” excuse more important that yourself.

Isn't 4 days a long time?
Yes, it's about taking time out of the business and yes it's about having the courage to STOP and say yes I deserve this!

And yes it's about taking the step that may feel uncomfortable with but that somewhere inside of you, you crave STOPPING the madness.

Will it work for me?
In truth, I don’t know. But what I do know is this ...
If you have been searching for that one thing that will help you and you have tested many things and none of them have worked, all I will say is this, if you are curious, come!
In the time that I have worked with a great number of women, I have got to see that by sharing the principles with them they have all changed – they have all become much more present to their lives and the struggle seems to stop.

Where is the experience?
The Duende Soul Revival Experience take place in Javea on the East Coast of Spain in the Alicante province. Javea is 75 minutes away from Alicante and 90 minutes away from Valencia.

Where do I fly to?
The nearest airport is Alicante airport if you want to be picked up by our driver. But if you want to go solo and make your way to Javea on your own, you can fly into Valencia too. 

The next Duende Soul Revival Experience is 9th - 12th February 2018
Arrival day is Thursday 8th February and leaving day is Tuesday 13th February. If you decide to come before or after these days then you will need to make your own arrangements.

The material will always be new and the activities will be different every time based on season, theme and weather.

Every time you come it will be a different experience as no two retreats will be the same.

What is the price?
VALUE: £5997
But actually priced at £1597 if paid in instalments
Early bird £1297 paid in full.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, there are payment plans, with a 200 GBP deposit.
What’s included in the price?

What's included in the price?
  •  A snack when you arrive in the evening before we start the following day.
  •  Pick up from Alicante airport the night (Thursday evening) before the immersion starts and drop off (Tuesday morning) the morning after the immersion ends.
  •  Breakfast and lunch plus one special dinner on the last night (which I cannot tell you about as it will spoil the surprise!)
  •  Transport for the different activities that we will be doing while you are here.
  •  Shared sleeping arrangements at my home.  
  •  Yoga in the morning, stunning walks and beach experiences (weather permitting!)
  •  Teas, coffees, snacks
  •  Use of the facilities that I have like the pool, washing machine, oven etc

Why are dinners not included?

They are not included because I want you to indulge in having whatever you want without there being a restriction on what you can order!

Can I afford it?
How can you not afford it?! Isn’t that the better question? It’s easy to fall into the trap of asking questions that don’t serve you. 

Why is it application only?
As it’s a small and intimate group of women, I want to ensure that you are a good fit for the group. Having facilitated groups for the last 5 years I know the importance of having the right people in the room so that it’s as impactful as it can be.

Are there refunds?

No! And the reason for this is that you need to be all in. Commitment is about diving in. Over the past few years I have got to see that the women who have paid upfront or who have paid the instalments without fail are the ones who are most committed and the ones that get the best results.

What happens if I cannot come in the end?

It's possible that life can throw curveballs and that you may have paid and committed to the process and in the final hour you cannot make it. We cannot give you a refund but we may well be able to give you the same amount of value in a different way. But first we would jump on a call and see what we come up with.

What are your cancellation policies?

If you decide to cancel, you must do so 6 weeks before coming. You will still need to pay what is left to pay on that retreat but we can exchange it for another retreat at another time. You cannot cancel more than once, otherwise you will lose the full payment.

Do I need medical and travel insurance?

Yes! If you are part of the European Union you should be able to get an EHIC card that will cover you for emergencies. You definitely need travel insurance too. WE are not liable for any accident that occurs.

About Your Host
Marina Pearson is a mother to her son Leo, international best selling author and international speaker. She has been invited to speak on TEDEX and Awesomeness Fest. Her work has been included on ITV This Morning, SKY TV, Marie Claire, Glamour and The Daily Mail but to name a few media appearances and regularly writes for the Huffington Post. 

Going from suicidal episodes, a divorce, an eating disorder to addictions including working over 16 hour days, she has managed to transform the way she sees the world and now works 4 days a week, getting better results. 

She now works and supports women and mums in business to step off the hidden hamster wheel that they are on (a lot of the time they describe it as feeling overwhelmed or frazzled) and help them claim back their freedom by slowing down and listening to their innate wisdom.

By doing this they end up creating more time, making more money and living guilt free. As they go through this process they realize that the business and clients had actually been running them. But as they take ownership, they start to call the shots and make decisions that are right for them.

Marina Pearson is a mother to her son Leo, international best selling author and international speaker. She has been invited to speak on TEDEX and Awesomeness Fest. Her work has been included on ITV This Morning, SKY TV, Marie Claire, Glamour and The Daily Mail but to name a few media appearances and regularly writes for the Huffington Post. For more information about her click here
Going from suicidal episodes, a divorce, an eating disorder to addictions including working over 16 hour days, she has managed to transform the way she sees the world and now works 4 days a week, is a mum to her son Leo and happily lives in Spain.

Over the past few years she has been sharing the understanding behind effortless living and has worked with people from all over the world to help them see that they can stress less, work less and earn more to create a business and life that is effortless and aligned to who they are. She knows that by taking inspired action we can manifest what we want effortlessly.

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